Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Howto change keyboard controls in Platinum Sandbox Gamemaker (Qwerty -> Azerty)

Problem: in Linux, there seems to be no regular way to explain to Platinum Arts Sandbox Gamemaker that you have an AZERTY-keyboard and not a QWERTY one. Changing the keyboard-layout in Xfce doesn't help either. That works for any and every program, Sandbox Gamemaker excluded.

Solution (sort of):
This is not at all the official way to do this and highly unrecommended, but it does seem to work and it's very simple. Use at your own risk and peril, I take no responsability whatsoever if you break your system or if your house explodes because of this!
Search for the file "keymap.cfg". On my install (from Ubuntu repositories) it's in /usr/share/sandboxgamemaker/data). Edit it as root, and change the letters W into Z, A into Q and vice versa.

So, in a terminal:
cd /usr/share/sandboxgamemaker/data
sudo gedit ./keymap.cfg

There you change the line
keymap 97 A
keymap 97 Q
; the line
keymap 113 Q
keymap 113 A

etc. for the lines corresponding to Z and W.

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