Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Install Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS next to Windows 8 (dual-boot)

System:  HP Envy dv7 7390eb laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed (UEFI)
Problem: Install Ubuntu 14.04.1 alongside Windows and make dual-boot work

Caution: I am not an expert, I only share what worked for me on my particulat laptop and configuration. This is also very summary, you may have to investigate further if you're not familiar with certain aspects (like changing Boot order sequence in your BIOS etc).


  • in BIOS, disable Secure Boot (sorry, can't give details here, Google is your friend)
  • From within Windows, create an empty partition for Ubuntu (not formatted): Control Center -> change partitions
  • download Boot Repair CD and install on a live USB (I used LinuxLive USB Creator but there are other options), you will need it afterwards
  • Start Ubuntu 14.04.1 Live USB, choose "Try without installing"
  • Launch "Install Ubuntu" and choose "Something else"
  • For a partition scheme, I followed the instructions on this page:
    • one of min. 20 Gb (I took 75Gb), ext4, primary partition, "/"
    • one of twice your RAM, swap
    • the rest as logical partition, ext4, "/home"
  • continue installation as usual
  • when I rebooted, Windows booted as if Ubuntu did not exist, so:
    • reboot with Boot Repair Live USB (you may have to enter BIOS by pressing the Esc key just after firing up your laptop and then choose F10 in order to change boot sequence)
    • choose Advanced options, leave all options as they are, only difference is to tick (activate) "Secure Boot" in one of the tabs
    • follow instructions (if you have a BE Azerty keyboard like me, you'll have difficulties in finding the right keys because Boot Repair is in Qwerty: for " type %; * is 8; - is ) and / is =).
    • on reboot everything should be in order
If you upgrade Windows to 8.1, you will have to do the Boot Repair thing again.

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